The Cost of Decorating

One of my over-arching goals has always been to make improve my home for us. One of my greatest fears was living a certain way and then transforming my home into a gorgeous thing to sell it.

In fact, I went so far to make 2017: Year of the House. We hadn’t done a lot of work on it until June and then suddenly everything seemed to come together. Honestly, we needed a kick in the pants which came in the form of two friends coming to stay with us in August.

I decided that their arrival would coincide with our new and improved home. So of course we made a list! We went through each room of our home and noticed things that needed to be fixed or cleaned.

Once we had a list I put dollar signs beside anything that we needed to purchase. The purchase list wasn’t bad:

  • Paint*
  • Painters tape
  • paint brushes
  • Everything to re-stain coffee set: varnish remover, tools to remove varnish, wood stain
  • Tablecloth for dining room
  • Lighting for foyer
  • Mirror for bedroom
  • Bathroom fan (still to be purchased)

I ended up adding the duvet and curtain later, which meant that we spent a little over $350 giving our home huge face-lift. I also had a gift card to a hardware store that allowed me to spend closer to $300.

I anticipate spending another $100 or so as we need to purchase the fan for the bathroom, pay an electrician to hang the lights, and purchase some cleaning supplies. I’m always a bit terrified when we begin home improvement projects as I feel that they can just keep going as you discover new things you want to do.

I’m thrilled that I’m only taking ~ $400 out of the home improvement budget and that it’s made such a huge difference. With a little luck this means that I won’t wait to do things and instead tackle them head on instead of making it a mad dash of repairs.

Do you have frugal tips to spruce up your home?

* The paint ended up being 7 different colours that we used. I discovered sample sizes which kept the cost down.



Choices and Shame

I’ve been avoiding my budget and, therefore, blogging in June.  I’ve been shopping and I know that I haven’t been making great frugal choices.


It also doesn’t help that ML has been doing a great deal of the shopping so I don’t have a record in my own bank account of things that I have purchased. I currently owe him about $500.

Here’s how it breaks down, I think:

  • Skin care (more on that later) $300
  • Shoes $50
  • Groceries $70
  • Bunny $40
  • Gas $40

We decided he’d shoot me a bill this weekend so I can have a breakdown in my budget and reimburse him.

The skin care line is what has been shame inducing for me. I tend to be a drugstore girl, I’ll purchase Oil of Olay or Clean & Clear when it’s on sale. Now that I’m getting older I’m seeing that those who pamper their skin have better results in general. I’m currently battling mild acne, acne scarring, and wrinkles!

I also am a woman of colour in a city in which the drugstore clerks try to ‘whiten me’ by selling me foundations that are a shade or two lighter than my skin. To get my colour I need to mix 2 foundations. If one of my colours isn’t in it’s a trial and error adventure as not all stores will offer samples on the less expensive lines.

I wanted to purchase products that are made for my multiple needs, skin colour and were not tested on animals.

So this time I decided to head to Sephora, I often avoid Sephora because their products are great but much more expensive than my usual fare. Thank goodness ML went with me and was able to hold my hand through the process. The woman who helped me was wonderful and did the exact opposite of what I expected: she told me to purchase less things than I anticipated.

She refused to let me purchase a toner, extra moisturizer, eye cream, anti-wrinkle serum, concealer, and scar correcter.  Instead she worked with me to get two moisturizers (day & night) that would address different concerns, cleanser, acne serum and a foundation in my colour. I also purchased the foundation brush she was using as my current brush would waste the expensive product. This purchase in a drugstore may cost me $100.

While thrilled with my purchases I began to feel vain and spend-thrifty immediately. How can I claim to be frugal but throw down $300 on things that no one would even see? I don’t have an answer to that.

Do the products work? Yes! I just went through a week that often sees me having multiple breakouts all over my face and instead I just had 2 small blemishes. Using just 1 foundation has made a huge difference! I’m no longer leaving splotches of foundation on everything that touches my face and I don’t feel like my skin is completely hidden.

I am going to track how long it takes for these products to finish. I purchased them mid-June and with a shelf life of 12 months I’m hoping that based on the amounts they last for at least 7 months. If they do, the monthly breakdown would mean that I would have spent ~$40 per month on them which is the amount I allocate monthly to ‘fashion’ items.

The goal has always been to spend money on things that matter to me. Being able to purchase from a skincare line that does not test on animals is extremely important to me and now that I have the money to do so I am happy with this purchase.

Are there things you purchase that feel exorbitant but worth it?


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Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals

Yesterday, I went public with my crazy goal for 2017/2018.

This had me reviewing my BHAG for 2017 as they’re definitely in need of an update now.

Here’s how they’ve been adjusted:

Goal 1: Save for new kitchen

2018 is going to be our 10th wedding anniversary.We’d still love to throw a big party. In fact that’s what got the kitchen ball rolling. When we looked into a what we wanted to do we realized it was going to cost us at least $10,000.

That money seemed better spent on a kitchen, we could then host 120 people in our home for an anniversary open house. We’re willing to forgo the vacation if we can get a fantastic kitchen that allows us to entertain and actually enjoy cooking together.

Goal 2: Home Improvement

This will be the year that we fix the sinking driveway and update our light fixtures. I feel that these are two realistic goals that can easily be achieved and will make our home seem much more welcoming. I’ll give myself until May before I think about the driveway properly since it’ll be either snow or rain covered until then. The light fixtures we can begin our search in the new year. There are at least 4 that must be replaced with a couple of others that would be nice to have done.

Other Goals

While I would still love to work on my emergency fund, I’m not going to throw all my additional money into it. The aim is to not use any of the money in it for the new kitchen.



Coming Soon(ish): New Kitchen

I’ve been wanting a new kitchen since we purchased this house but there’s always been something else that we wanted or needed to do. Frankly when faced with a big sum of money or a lot of little things it’s easier to spend on the little things. That’s meant going on short vacations, purchasing some furniture, fixing the washing machine, buying new mats for the bathroom. You get the idea.

This year we’ve dubbed the year of the house. Since the kitchen is a huge project we asked our favourite contractor to visit us with the aim of saving for to do it next year. He’ll be providing a detailed quote but he estimated somewhere between $15,000 – 20,000.

I must confess my heart clutched at that number. I’m determined to do the kitchen by next April. This means saving $1,600 per month in a year if I want to do this.

The only way to do this is if I slash my spending considerably and stop saving for everything else:

  • vacations: I need these, even if it’s $200 to go visit a friend or look around my neck of the woods.
  • Life Happens: giving this up would mean I’m just throwing myself into debt if something were to happen, like an appliance dying.
  • Car: this can be reduced but the whole point was to have a sizeable down payment if my 2007 vehicle is no longer feasible as well as to ensure that I’m maintaining her properly
  • Gifts: I give a lot of gifts because I have lots of people to treat. I shop frugally and put a great deal of thought into my gifts so this is not budging
  • House Insurance: this is non-negotiable
  • Medical – this is also non-negotiable it covers those needs that aren’t covered by insurance and since I have to wait for insurance to reimburse me it also helps me not go over budget.
  • Sky is Falling Account: I have two of these. One is liquid and the other can easily be liquidated. I treat one as a job loss account and the other as retirement savings.  My aim is to have 6 months savings in one so that if I were to lose my job I’d have breathing room.
  • Mortgage additional payments – I’ve got money being set aside so we can pay the mortgage sooner.
  • Leftover Fund: money that was budgeted but wasn’t used gets put here to be spent on fun extras.
  • Home Improvement: for any non-kitchen related upgrades we want this year.
  • Kitchen: I currently have ~$100 going into this. So you know, just $1,500 more needed per month…

My sky is falling Job Loss account  has a little less than 25% of my goal in it. To help my heart, I’m going to act as if the money currently in that account is being put towards the kitchen. This will allow me to not stress too much while still building the job loss account.

DECISION: I’m going to keep saving as I do with the knowledge that next April all my savings lines may be pressed into service. All extra money, ML’s side hustle or my staying below budget, will be siphoned into the kitchen fund.

REALITY: To save $20,000 in a year is definitely a stretch goal. I’m not sure it’s reasonable. So this year is every month is going to have to be uber-frugal month. ML is on board so I know I can count on his support. We’re going to aim for $20,000 and work with the contractor to get it in as close to $15,000 as possible. We don’t want to scrimp on the kitchen as it’s a large job and want to pay upfront for quality products.

We’re not going insane but as the room needs to be gutted and all appliances replaced it’s going to be a big job and we need to realistic about it.



Grocery Budget

Since 2105, I’ve consistently tracked my spending in an Excel spreadsheet. The other day I was looking at my grocery line and got curious.

In 2015 I was budgeting $300/month and my spending ranged from $170 – $350. In 2016 I budgeted $260/month and ranged from $270 – $140. In January of this year I lowered that again to $200 and in March I dropped it to $150.

It’s one of those shocking things as I would have expected that line to climb quite consistently in an effort to keep up with inflation.

Of course I then got curious about how I was doing it!

SWS Groceries definition: anything that can be found in a grocery store, whether or not you can eat it.

With that definition it quickly became apparent that we were able to cut out a lot simply by no longer buying certain products (paper towels is a big one) and buying others only when they’re on sale (toilet paper, toothpaste).

Other changes include:

  • We only buy our convenience food on sale, our closest store has Dollar Days every month or so and I stock up.
  • We tend to no longer get ‘fun’ stuff e.g. cereals, the array of snacks, ice cream, etc
    • If we do they’re discounted and they’re treats
  • We do weekly menu planning which means that we try to purchase things we know will be used
  • We stock up reasonably when things go on sale
    • I used to treat those signs that say Limit 6 per customer as though that meant I had to get 6 massive pizzas.
  • We plan when we have people coming over
    • Previously it would be treated as a surprise and we’d blow a bundle that weekend getting stuff. Now we purchase ahead of time and keep things so we always have something nice on hand
  • We have more meals with little or no meat; most of our meat is chicken
  • We rarely purchase bread (down from 2 loaves a week)
  • We try to only purchase fruits and vegetables we know we’ll use (food waste was a pretty big problem before)
  • I love the idea of yogurt! I rarely eat yogurt so I’ve stopped buying it in spite of the great flavours and deals that tempt me

I can feel the me from 2 years ago rising up and thinking, “My gosh! You’ve got no fun in your life! No snacks – those packaged cake things are only $2. Have some sugar!”

I’m in a bit of shock as typing this shows how far both ML & I have come not only in our grocery budget but in terms of our lifestyle. Though we would both benefit from more fruits and veggies in our day, we have significantly cut down our consumption of packaged goods and food waste.

It will be interesting to see if we can stick to the $150 grocery budget. I know we’ll go over in high entertainment months which is to be expected.

How do you keep you grocery budget in check?


11 Meals

Yesterday I shared what’s in my pantry and freezer as well as my realization that I need those ingredients to make 11 meals. Here goes!

Meal #1: Loaded Baked Potato Casserole

This bad boy makes use of chicken that’s currently marinating in my freezer, potatoes, green onions. It’s also a great simple recipe I feel comfortable trying out.

Meal #2: One pan Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Cheese

It’s been ages since I’ve made this but it was so good! This would also only use half the tray of chicken.

Meal #3: Chicken Tacos

The taco kit gets used as does tomatoes and the rest of the chicken thighs!

Meal #4: Pasta with Vienna Sausages

I’ve been in the mood for comfort food recently and this is basically homemade Chef Boyarde. I usually make it with spaghetti but the tube pasta will definitely work! I’ll also load it with veggies.

Meal #5: Chana Masala and rice

I pinned this recipe a while ago but hadn’t made it. This will be a great way to use the chickpeas and tomatoes.

Meal #6: Roast chicken with potatoes (and later sweet & spicy sweet potatoes)

Whenever we roast a chicken we throw in potatoes and carrots. We always seem to run out of the potatoes & carrots before we finish the chicken. I’m so glad I’ve rediscovered the sweet potato recipe

Meal #7: Roasted duck with red beans and rice

We got the duck because it was on sale and we haven’t had duck in ages. It’s time to roast it and enjoy! Based on my pantry those red beans are going to be substituted with black eyed peas.

Meal #8: Mexican Rice Casserole

I’ll be using a tin of tomatoes and the peas and carrots since I’m out of corn. This is one where the recipe is really  just an outline for me to indulge in flavours while using ingredients on hand.

Meal #9: Lentil sloppy joes

I made this once before and was surprised by how much I loved it. With the weather going from hot to cold within a matter of hours this sounds like just the ticket!

Meal #10: Tuna patties

I really want tuna melts but I feel the tuna will be stretched further and will  make a much healthier meal if I go this route.

Meal #11: Leg of lamb with roasted potatoes and bean salad

It’s been ages since we’ve cooked lamb and I’m really looking forward to this.

Based on these recipes my grocery money should be used to get some fresh produce to round out some of these meals and one pack of burger buns. I’ve planned this by guessing that I will be cooking a meal every other day as each recipe makes 6-8 servings or at least 4 lunches and 2 dinners.






Groceries in March

Kroger grocery store ...

That is a view that I’m aiming to skip a whole lot this month!

At the beginning of March, I took time to carefully reduce my budget. I found that by joining the Uber Frugal Month challenge in January I had given myself a reset. Through engaging in the challenge I was able to pay for unexpected items, like yoga, without dipping into any of my savings accounts.

It was wonderful, however, I know my ability to spend to the last dollar. I didn’t want to make unexpected fun my new normal. While I’m pleased that my splurge was yoga, I also know that it could have easily been eating out quite a bit.

I was very pleased with my new budget and then we joined Costco. I had sort of budgeted for it in my mind. I did not budget for the value pack of razors that we got. To be fair, things like razors often blindside me as I’m not great at keeping track of them. So I paid $40 for 20 blades. I couldn’t resist since I had already put them on the grocery list and it would have cost $23 for 5 at my usual place.

I also had a bill I was convinced I had paid turn out to be overdue.

Suddenly my bright idea of adjusting my means seemed like a bad idea. I played with my numbers and my cutting costs impacted my grocery line. It went from $150 to $70.

ML was wonderful, instead of saying, “You know your budget is arbitrary. Why don’t you go back to the original number?”

He said, ” We’ve got lots of food in the house. We’ll menu plan.”

Tonight I did a pantry and freezer check. It turns out we had purchased meat in January before I got hit with the intention of inviting people over. Those dinner dates got canceled.

In the interest of time and my own sanity I did not take note of seasonings, spices, condiments and dessert items. Based on this list I think we’re going to eat well in March:

  • Freezer
    • 1 whole chicken
    • 1  tray of chicken thighs
    • 1 whole duck
    • 1 leg of lamb
    • packages of frozen tomatoes
    • 2 packages of frozen pizza
    • 3.5 packages of fries
    • 1 package of frozen soup
    • 1 cheese
    • 1 pack of bacon
    • 1 loaf of bread
  • Tinned
    • 2 lentils
    • 2 green beans
    • 3 chick peas
    • 3 black bean
    • 3 tomatoes
    • 1 black eye peas
    • 1 peas & carrots
    • 1 corned beef
    • 1 coconut milk
    • 2 tuna
    • 3 sausages
  • Packages
    • 1 lentil
    • 1 jar of pasta sauce
    • rice
    • potatoes
    • 2 boxes of stuffing
    • 1/2 pack of lasagna noodles
    • 1/2 pack of tube pasta
    • 1 taco kit
  • Fresh Ingredients
    • snow peas
    • broccoli
    • bok choy
    • sweet potatoes
    • tomatoes
    • mushrooms

Tomorrow’s task is going to be turning this list of items into 11 meals. If these ingredients spark your own ideas please share in the comments 🙂” target=”_blank”>Image from here

Paying for Convenience

I was first introduced to Chef’s Plate a year ago when I was at a friend’s house. She was ecstastic to share that this company was able to deliver healthy ingredients along with a recipe card.

She urged me to look into it and gave me a coupon. Even with the coupon I didn’t find it to be a great deal.

This year another friend signed up and gave me a coupon for 75% off. Well that deal got me. I signed up and this week I received my two dinners.

The company is good for my green heart: items a sourced locally, purchased from responsibly farmed partners and they’re committed to being environmentally friendly.

My frugal heart not so much. When they say you get two dinners it appears they mean it. When I cook dinner what I really mean is I’m cooking for the next two days. To be honest, I am baffled by people who cook every night when generally you can double a recipe and deal with less dishes.

The full price for the box is ~$50. That’s the amount I spend on us per week at a grocery and it includes things like toilet paper! I’m currently trying to lower that.

Both my friends think this is a great deal so I can only assume that they regularly spend heaps of money on groceries.

As there was a shipping mix up I get 50% off my next order. I’ll order when I see a recipe that really catches my eye.

In my so very short time with them I can tell you I’m going to miss the recipe cards. Ordering the box made me realize we’ve fallen into a slump. It’s time for us to get more creative again.

Have you tried something like this? Have you attempts a convenience save and found it not worth the extra based on your lifestyle?

This would have been a salve to the fake frugal me of 8 years ago. It would have signicantly cut down on groceries and I would have been eating healthy things.

Off to hunt somebody more creative recipes on Pinterest!

The Problem with Boredom

“I’m bored!” The complaint of kids and bratty adults. Unfortunately, I’ve been one of those bratty adults. Unable to do a lot of the things I really want to or numb my mind in  the usual ways, for the first time in a long time I’ve been bored.

I didn’t realize how much boredom I was taking care of by catching up on Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, Murchoch Mysteries, Archer and the like! It’s a bit disturbing actually. My other time ‘waster’ is reading, I average 2 books a week. Lacking the concentration to indulge has also put me out of sorts.

With the concussion, knitting and driving have also gone out the window. Learning new skills with all my time is also not recommended as my free time is supposed to be spent resting my brain.

It turns out my life, while I adore it, isn’t very restful for my brain.

I was a little nervous about checking my budget because my solution has felt like this


Great in the moment but not so great when those bills are gone and I can’t remember what I spent them on!

The plus side of tracking is that I can see what I spent money on. I combated boredom by eating out more than usual with ML. Since it was all healthy food I can’t be too upset at myself. In my ideal world working less hours this month, cancelling all social plans, and basically being a hermit would provide the silver lining of more savings.

While I have spent less than I budgeted, the great savings I should have seen were literally eaten.

While I was originally upset with myself (I could have gotten at least 1 small cabinet for the kitchen!)the money has gone to meals out with ML. It has been a great opportunity to date him at a time when our relationship could have easily taken a turn for the worse.

He’s been an absolute gem but I’ve been completely dependent on him. We have a division of labour that works for us that has been destroyed by my concussion. While I can, and do, manage housework I can’t take myself to appointments, get groceries, and do the numerous errands that I usually run.

I generally run my life like this:


So having to step back and say, ” I can’t do this right now. Can you help me?” Has been a huge change. A colleague went so far to say, “You’re always doing so much. Maybe this is the universe telling you to slow the f*** down.”

Maybe, apparently I have a hard head so the universe is really driving the point home!

How has your week gone?


When a $300 budget gets blown

So I took my sick self on vacation.

Well to be honest, I had planned to tack on a vacation to a work trip back in December. However, with the boink that I sustained I never sat down to really plan out this early February trip properly.

I had $300 to spend on food, transportation, tokens/gifts for family members, and any miscellany items. This was for three days.Based on my local vacations that sounded reasonable. Here are a few things I should have recognized going in:

  • An exchange rate that isn’t kind
  • I wouldn’t have my car
  • This is a tourist area so everything costs a wee bit more

If that wasn’t enough, halfway through I realized there was no way my concussed self could stay as long as planned. So I bit the bullet and paid a $270 fee to change my flight. While I wasn’t thrilled with the fee my mental health thanked me. Coming home to ML early and having time to re-set from jet lag was probably the sanest thing I’ve done in ages.

Before going I made a great decision to purchase a Go City card! I paid $240 for the card and did $330 worth of activities. This was definitely a good deal. My mistake was thinking that because I had paid for the card I wouldn’t have to pay for tourist things, completely ignoring transportation costs.

Here’s what my spending actually looked like:

Cash out (snacks, gifts, cabs)  $            81
entertainment (Go City Card)  $          240
Flight Change  $          270
Meals  $          101
gifts  $            84
misc (sunglasses and snacks)  $            33
Resort fee  $            55
Transportation  $            97
 $          961

Typing this out I feel better as the $300 in spending money was not intended to include the Go City Card as I had paid for it before leaving which brings my total spending to $721. When I had originally done the math, based on pending charges, it had looked as though I had spent $1,300.

You can imagine my feelings as I saw all my hard work to stay out of debt melting away due to a vacation. I didn’t let fear or regret cloud me rather I looked at my monthly savings accounts. Only a few of them must have monthly contributions so I pulled the money allocated for the rest of them and put it in my vacation line.

Any leftover money at the end of the month will then be placed in my savings accounts rather than my fun fund.

Lesson: Remember to budget properly as vacations can be really expensive. When going to high tourist areas scout the area on Google Maps to get a feel for the cost of restaurants and the location of groceries. This is especially important when I don’t have my car.

What frugal vacation tips do you employ to keep yourself on budget?