Monthly Debrief: February 2021


  •  # Buy nothing days :18 (64%)
  • # times ate out/purchased take out: 4
  • # activities with loved ones: 19; these included video calls, good news calls and walks outside
  • % over or under budget: 2% over budget – I also cheated a smidge and moved some of those over to the March line. This was because they hadn’t appeared on my credit card statement in February or came out after my last paycheque in February which is earmarked for March spending


  • We got ML’s news on February 18 and behaved well, we did order out that night to eat our feelings but chose an option that meant we also didn’t have to cook for a few days
  • We were able to have a good conversation and play with budgets immediately to offset concner and determine how long we could be alright in a worse case scenario


  • Not this month


This was the first year since 2015 that I haven’t attended a work conference in February. That definitely helped keep the spending in check!


This month was good. I didn’t move as much as I wanted to, however, the relationship front is strong. We were pleased to discover that we are now better equipped to handle job loss and budget conversations than we have been in the past.

I also took the final steps in my grad school application. I’m hopeful that it shall go well and I’ll be part of the 2021 cohort.

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