Valentine’s Day

Photo of pink paper hearts dangling by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

My family used to celebrate Valentine’s Day with little tokens to each other – candy, a book of poems, a trinket. It wasn’t a big deal but something that we were trained to think of as incorporating all types of love rather than just romantic love. That may be the reason that I’ve never had a hated relationship with February 14 or it could be the fact that by the age Valentine’s Day starts to feel like a ticking time bomb to some I was already married.

ML and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year, we considered ordering one of the specials that local restaurants are putting out. While we managed to do a cocktail pack that popped up in one of my Instagram stories, we seem to be reverting to form. Our valentine’s celebrations will include:

  • Making a 3 course dinner tomorrow night
  • Creating a drink menu to accompany dinner
  • Eating at the dining table, rather than the recent habit of dinner and show
  • Playing games – we have a collection of board games and conversation starters

Laid back, low key and totally us.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s? If so, what are your plans

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