Planning June 2018

June is the month that my life goes crazy every year!

I spend ~$500 on clothing and shoes as I have a weeklong event that I need to feel great about. So far I have given my clothes an overhaul to the tune of $150.  It’s a fantastic coupe as I got 4 dresses, 3 jackets and a scarf for that.

Next I do need to get shoes. I damaged my feet a few years ago so while $350 feels like a crazy amount to drop in a day on maybe 2 pairs of shoes, I know that it’s best to take care of me.

Here’s what June looks like:

  • Dinner with friends from previous job $30
  • Standing dinner with friend $80 – my turn to pay for both of us
  • Movie night with girlfriend $20
  • Shoes $350
  • Groceries for camping trip $200

I’ve gotten bad about saying no to myself consistently. ML & I are hosting a party in August. I haven’t been saving well for it. Sure I’m putting a bit of money towards it but I’m not holding myself as accountable as I should. We’re still paying off the kitchen and attempting to put money into savings so we can pay it off by next June. Since February, I haven’t had ‘leftover’ money to put towards either of these goals.

This month, I’m going to put everything into wine terms. For the party we’re purchasing 24 bottles of wine. 12 are $10 and 12 are $14. So every choice I make in terms of spending is going to be weighed against those. Example last night, I purchased the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine on a bad dinner. It wasn’t worth it.

My aim this month is to have enough money leftover for a case of the $10 wine. This will translate in me being $120 under budget.


6 thoughts on “Planning June 2018

  1. I applaud you for buying quality shoes. Poor quality shoes are uncomfortable now and they can lead to long-term problems. I tried to buy all leather, made either in Europe or the US. I try on shoes at full retail price and then wait for them to go on sale. Even if I end up paying the full retail price, I still think it is worth it. Good job planning. 😊

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