Frugal Month July 2018

This month is supposed to be a frugal spend month. While usually this means that I’m going to spend less than I budgeted, based on my recent spending, I’ll be aiming to stick to my budget.

I’m just one week in  and I already know this month is going to be super tough! I’ve already spent the gas money and most of the grocery money. Here’s what I’ve got left:

  • Grocery – $35
  • Bunny – $14 (needs hay and possibly kibble)
  • Eating out – $36 (monthly dinner date; have been trying to meet a friend for sushi)
  • Entertainment  – $45 (parking at concert; tickets for upcoming wine tour)
  • Misc – $30

My hope is to keep to these figures and I’ll use savings to fund our anniversary party that’s going to be hosted the first weekend in August.


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