Not counting

Well, a little counting. At last check I was $700 over my August monthly budget. This meant that I had blown through my ‘extra’ income as well as had no savings lines to deplete for my expenses.

To be very honest, I do have savings lines that can work but they’re currently saving for something(s) and using the money to fund my “Treat Yourself” spree is not a good idea.  While I know that not looking isn’t going to make it any better, I cleaned up my act as soon as I realized how much I had spent in August.

Looking now isn’t going to make me be better but will definitely make me feel worse about myself.

The money spent in August went to:

  • Skincare products (my very first facial included!)
  • Clothing
  • Treating my friends to a great time
  • Enjoying our vacation

All those expenses made me feel better about myself. I’ve returned to work and my life feeling rejuvenated and ready to put my best foot forward  None of that money is wasted.

Where does that leave me now?

I’ve already recognized that in September I will be at least $600 over budget this is because we have a host of gift-giving events and my Gift Line has been depleted. I started strong but we’ve had a host of celebratory events this year. On top of the gifts, we also have transportation and fashion costs.

Knowing that September is going to be tough I’ve got a two areas that I’m planning to spend less:

  • Eating out: hopefully this will be easier as I’m being quite strict with myself about my diet. The budget wasn’t the only thing to go out the window in August
  • Entertainment: We’re doing 2 weddings in one month, how much more entertainment can I need?

While I usually try to curtail my grocery spending as well, I’m focusing on eating well and feeding body and soul so I’m not sure how much tighter I can get with my groceries.

I’ll be heading to October with a financial setback.

This terrifies me a bit as I know that this can easily snowball and make me feel like I’m going to end 2017 poorly. Once I caught that thought, I was able to rejoice in the fact that I am looking so far ahead.

I may not end 2017 as strongly as I did 2016 but I’m going to do my darndest to start 2018 debt free. Maybe I won’t have as much savings but I won’t be in the red.

To do this I need to:

  • re-instate weekly budget check-ins with myself
  • Be very clear about what matters to me
  • Ensure that my spending aligns with my values and goals
  • Make a Christmas spending plan


I’m not sure what the rest of 2017 will hold but I do know that I have the tools to live frugally and enjoy my life.