April 2021 Debrief


  •  # Buy nothing days :20 (66%)
  • # times ate out/purchased take out: 3
  • # activities with loved ones: 19; these included video calls, good news calls
  • % over or under budget: 15% over budget –seriously went over this month!


  • I began working with a mobliity coach who specializes in the mind/body connection
  • We were able to get the Bear treatment right away
  • I got into Grad School! As I’m able to keep putting money into that savings line, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to keep going no matter what happens with the other bits.


  • Movement Coach – I’ve registered for a 3 month program and we’ve decided to dip into my savings for that. This way ML is still able to save in case of job loss/break.
  • The Bear was an expensive and unplanned vet visit


  • The prices of groceries are rising; I haven’t done a price book in ages and as the days of grocery hopping are gone, I need to re-assess the grocery budget.
  • This was a busy month – we hosted a going away party (COVID style, which means an outdoors brunch); the province re-entered lockdown/stay-at-home; we’re making an effort to eat healthier
  • The misc. line was divided between “going out of business” athletic things and grad school printing


I hit a snag somewhere with how my paycheques fund things. The aim was that I would have been able to not touch my last April paycheque until the beginning of May. That didn’t happen. It’s also why I’m over budget but my bank account looks great. The problem is then I no longer have additional savings and I’m living paycheque – paycheque. I’m hopeful with May I’ll be able to start getting that back under control.

Overall the month went well. Our biggest sucks were groceries and Misc. spending. By using May as a clean slate, I think I can get back on track with it all as we have enough groceries to last us until at least Mid-May.

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