17 for 2017

Carol recently did a post that asked a surprisingly hard question: What is on your 2017 list that is fun stuff, not about debt or work etc?

I left a brief comment that I really had to think about and really doesn’t make me feel really joyful. I want a list that makes me feel like this


I don’t know about you but everything seemed to come back to some sort of goal, whether it was finance, fitness or friend related. I also have a bad habit of turning fun lists into chore lists ( reading a magazine – check!) but this time I swore it would be different.

Drum roll please! Here’s my Fun 17 for 2017:

  1. Sit around and do nothing or something (reading, daydreaming, meditating, knitting)
  2. Experiment with the funky liqueurs that I got as gifts
  3. Pamper myself – bath oils, hair treatments etc
  4. Do a tour of the national parks within a 4 hour radius
  5. Once summer comes, eat outside
  6. Sing, out loud, whenever the feeling strikes me
  7. Dance when the mood hits (that crazy woman dancing to Britney in the grocery store might be me!)
  8. Open the curtains on bright days
  9. Light candles on dreary days
  10. Keep up the zero waste goals – I feel like a rockstar when we we don’t put out lots of garbage
  11. Stay in bed as late as I want on weekends (also don’t overbook my weekends)
  12. New recipes
  13. Tea with Bunny!
  14. Aim to blog at least twice a week
  15. Hang out with ML doing something fun, last year it was walking
  16. Say no to things that  I know will be draining (yes I adore you, no I don’t want to go out)
  17. Because it is actually fun for me: see if I can increase my fun fund by spending less than I budget

How about you? What would make you crazy Kermit happy?

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Fit Fam Gets Married

The wedding we’re attending is for 2 people (S&R) who look like fitness models. They should because they prioritize eating well and exercising. They’re actually the kind of people you’d love to hate if you’re feeling insecure but can’t because they’re too nice.

Two years ago when I began wanting to be more active S got right on board with me and would help me train for a 5 k after she hit the gym. Her soft sell approach had me eating healthier and learning that a healthy lifestyle does not mean giving up the ‘good’ stuff but feeding my being well.

I’m a bit vain so I was feeling a bit self-conscious going to this wedding knowing that their workout buddies would be there. I had begun working out a bit in March but April was a horrible write off as I spent the majority of it sick. Slowly I pulled myself up and began eating well again and exercising.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find myself actually wanting to work out. I’m not doing anything crazy. Usually it’s a routine like the one pictured, though I’m yet to get to 10 sets.


My body has changed as I’ve gotten older and I’m not entirely in love with new me. I appreciate my body for what it does but have come to realize that it does a lot of work in spite of me. So this summer I’m recommitting to me.

I’m going to:

  • Continue eating on salad plates
  • Focus on maintaining a less processed diet
  • Drink at least 1.5L of water per day
  • eat my snacks out of tea plates at home
  • Continue my at home workouts and change them up to keep myself interested

How are you treating yourself?

Workout from here

Where does the money go?

An intriguing title popped up on my Pinterest feed: The 50/20/30 Budget. Of course I had to click through to see what this was about. It’s a recommended way of setting up your budget to get your money to work for you. The categories are essentials (50%), lifestyle (30%) and future (20%).

I’m always on the lookout for ways to assess my budget so I decided to plug in the numbers and see how my 2015 and 2016 budgets fared against this structure.

Aim 2015 2016
Essential 50 57 48
Lifestyle 30 27 28
Future 20 16 24

It’s exciting to see that even before knowing about this structure I’ve been organizing my finances so that they were more closely meeting this criteria.

The chart was done using the budgeted income that does not include my debt repayment. In spite of the fact that I rarely account for that money in my budget I thought I’d see how my real numbers would look. In truth my figures are close to 50 (future – including debt repayment), 30 (essential), 20 (lifestyle).

I’m alright with this as well. In fact it makes me insanely excited as it proves that I’m fully capable of living comfortably below my means and achieving my future dreams.

Does this breakdown work for you?

Healthy work challenge

Yesterday a colleague suggested we take on month long  challenge to get ready for  December. Intrigued we asked for more details. There are a few floating but he began with a basic one:

  • 1.5 litres of water
  • 30 minutes of exercise
  • 30 minutes of mental stimulation
  • Eating out no more than 2 times a week
  • 2 individual goals

I like this idea, particularly the 4th point which is generally in keeping with my budget goals.

As he mentioned meditation works for the mental piece I’m going to use knitting and play either one crossword or sudoku per day.

I’ve been fairly rotten about exercise so I’m going to have to incorporate it into my life again.

My 2 personal goals:

  • Follow a clean eating diet with a focus on less processed food
  • 8 hours of sleep

Are you up for this challenge? What would your goals be?