Word of 2019: Kindness

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In 2017 I began the tradition of having a Word of the Year. This month the word Kindness has been rattling around. I’ve found myself struggling with being kind to myself and this has bled over into thinking rather uncharitably of others.

I’ve been doing a lot of interview prep so I’ve been looking at SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and trackable. Kindness on the surface doesn’t really appear to be something that fits into this but I was undaunted! I decided to break it down into categories.

My Health

  • Being diligent about taking care of my skin. This is includes removing all make up and applying daytime/nightime lotions as well as not skipping the moisturizer after a shower or washing my hands.
    • I’ve re-arranged my bathroom so my skincare items are always out; put hand lotions beside the sinks and purchased a desk version and purse version
  • Return to a work out routine
    • I’m starting slowly with 1  day of scheduled class and 20 minutes of movement (yoga, dance, elliptical)
  • 8 cups of water a day
    • I struggle with this when it’s cold but I’m starting my day with a glass and then I have a beautiful carafe for the office that has helpe dme a great deal
  • More vegetables and fruit
    • We’ve been busy and lazy so my aim is to intentionally eat 5 servings a day

My mind

  • Continue to work on the budget
    • This gives me peace of mind and has been a fantastic way to see my own growth while allowing me to do fairly consistent value checks
  • Write 4 posts a month
    • I have missed blogging but I feel as if I don’t have a lot to say. It’s such a strange thing as I love just reading other people’s experiences so why do I tell myself htat my own life is less valid.
  • Explore applying for my Masters
    • This has been on my mind for a bit but I’m not quite sure which area I’d like to focus on
  • If we get rabbits, train them to do simple tricks and work on agility
    • This would be great for all of us. The rabbits will get the mental stimulation they need and I will have new skill

Self Care

  • Listen to myself
  • Speak kindly to myself – write one good think you did today
  • Continue to explore my spirituality – meditate in some form once per day


  • Give people the benefit of the doubt by recognizing their own struggle
    • 3 kind thoughts for every one negative
  • Record how I may have positively impacted someone’s day
    • Today so far I have wished someone happy birthday and participated in a fundraiser

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