Corporate Greed and the Frugal Family

I believe that everyone should make at least a living wage.

The government has raised the minimum wage drastically. It’s a big jump of roughly $3/hour but sadly still about $4 below a living wage.

Not surprisingly, there has been a lot of fear-mongering about the ways in which this is going to hurt the people it’s meant to help and cause massive job losses. Another check in the not surprising column is that big businesses are using it squeeze their staff.

ML works in the retail industry which is notorious for this sort of nonsense. His boss has been mandated to cut staff hours by a big amount. I was a bit surprised when I heard the number and I definitely didn’t envy him the task. I think he did it in the most humane way possible: he cut just a bit of everyone’s hours. ML is now working 1/2 hour less per day.

My first reaction was joy as it’s definitely easier on us if ML finishes a bit earlier due to car sharing. Then I began to take in the economic impact on us. Due to our budgets, it isn’t an enormous inconvenience but it does mean that ML’s spending money, which was modest, to begin with, will take a hit.

We’re fortunate that this squeeze is not impacting our necessities. It does impact our savings and our ability pay off our kitchen as quickly as we’d like.

I am pleased that the wages are being increased but saddened that we have to legislate human decency.



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