Missy Bunny and the Rising Costs of Kibble

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Last night Bunny ran out of kibble. I debated just cutting her kibble this morning and giving her extra hay and greens but ML felt strongly that, as I was already out, I should pick up her kibble.

Her usual pet store is out of my way and when I arrived it was closed. They’ve got a no-name kibble, literally, it’s a plastic bag with a label on it. For this delicacy, I pay under $5. Since I was already on the hunt I went to the store that is close to our home. The kibble there is a minimum of $15.

Bunny is actually rather picky about her kibble. When her store closed a year ago for renovations it took us a long time to find a replacement she deemed worthy of her delicate digestive tract. I was examining these packages to see if the kibbles were too big, looked too much like litter or had ridiculous serving sizes. To add to all of this, I was the only person in the pet store at 8:30 pm.

I ended up purchasing the $15 kibble out of shame and the cashier advised that if Bunny refused the kibble I can return the opened package.

As I relayed this story to ML, he took a turn at inspecting the kibble. “Yeah, I think you’re right. This is the one she doesn’t eat,” he agreed.

That’s when we had to make the decision:

  • Attempt to feed her the pricey kibble knowing that if she eats it we would keep it.
  • Return the open package if she refuses to consume it and purchase her usual food
  • Return the sealed package and purchase her usual food

We’re opting to go with option 3. After work today, I’m going to her store to pick up the kibble. If they don’t have it, I’ll use option one but if it’s in stock I’ll be returning her fancy food.

I’ve struggled a bit with this decision as I feel I’m toeing the line of being cheap.  I am aware that I should have just walked out of the store rather than purchasing the kibble due to price alone. My saving grace is Bunny herself. She really is a picky eater and it happens that her appetite and my budget are in agreement.

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