Less Meat but…

I’m trying to spend less, eat healthier and be good to the environment so adding more meatless meals is definitely a good idea! However, I’m also paying attention to what I eat.

To that end I’ve continued using MyFitnessPal to track caloric intake as well as the nutritional value of my meals. It turns out that, even when I eat meat, I struggle to achieve my protein goals.

This has led me to plan meals around the nutritional value of ingredients. This was tonight’s dinner:

96EBFBAB-D79F-45B1-B4B6-31E45035CEB4.jpegIt’s a simple 1 egg omelet with cheese, mushrooms and mixed salad greens. It even meets my ration goals! Well with a bit of finessing, I’ve adjusted my egg ration to 12-18 per month rather than 1 fresh per week and a tin (12 powdered) per month.

I’m currently researching my nutritional needs as I have noticed that I’m consistently not eating enough protein, calcium and iron.

As I continue to grow in my eating habits I’ll share my discoveries as I’m determined to eat well on a budget.

Do you have these struggles or have you found a way to consistently balance your diet?

2 thoughts on “Less Meat but…

  1. helenofmanchester

    This is a great idea. I’ve also drastically cut the amount of meat I eat from my diet. But I’ve not really thought about tracking the nutrients. I should probably do that… Eating veggie is much cheaper especially when you cook from scratch!

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