Pancakes vs Crepes

Image result for pancakes and crepes

Sunday night, I made pancakes for the first time in ages! I  followed the recipe and everything turned out lovely. As the recipe only makes a dozen small pancakes  I decided to whip up a second batch to ensure we were covered for the week.

Small problem: I got distracted and cocky. I neither measured nor mixed properly. These errors turned my bstter into crepe batter. I adore crepes but I don’t make them as they’re more time consuming  than pancakes and mine never seem to turn out quite the way I want them.

I’m beginning to suspect I just never found the right recipe. If we’re being honest, I  still don’t have it as I doubt I can recreate the recipe my mind conjured. The 17 small crepes I made are perfection!

Have you had delicious kitchen errors?

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