Menu Planning

I’m armed with a list but I also want to ensure I don’t over-purchase and end up being wasteful.

This week I’m thinking of making, along with needed ingredients:

  • Bread
  • Pancakes
  • sphaghetti – pasta, sauce, mushrooms and sweet peppers
  • Lord Woolton Pie with Mushroom gravy – mushrooms, root vegetables
  • Macaroni pie with green salad and bean salad  – cheese, salad fixings
  • Potato rarebit

Based on this list my vegetables are really looking like salad, mushrooms, sweet peppers and a few ground provisions.

How is your meal prepping going?



6 thoughts on “Menu Planning

    1. lauralynne

      I suppose I could also answer your question! Meal planning has thus far been working pretty well — its been helpful to know what’s in store after a crazy day.


  1. I’ve been obsessing over lettuce wraps of late and have been trying my hand at the many different concoctions you can put in them. So far my faves are egg salad, Mexican rice, and black bean burgers. I just really adore the lack of bloat and sluggish feeling I usually get after a carb-loaded meal. It makes the afternoon at work less “in dire need of a nap”-y. 🙂

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