Miscellaneous Spending

I had budgeted $10 per week for Miscellaneous spending even though I had recognized that I’m consistently over budget in that area. Well it’s going to be tight!

Last week alone I:

  • purchased bus tickets at $15
  • Bought a drink for a friend who I owe at least 5 drinks to $6

I’m now having to prepare myself to”

  •  purchase 2 library book $100
  • purchase a text book $100

My water bottle emptied in my purse. I have slight water damage on the text book that I borrowed from a colleague as well as a brand new book that the library has and an older, hard cover book.

While I know that I have the money in my ‘extra’ budget which is supposed to go to the kitchen fund it’s rather upsetting.

Instead of letting this colour my day I’m going to be grateful that I have the funds to cover these costs, that the pinch while unpleasant does not mean that I’m unable to achieve my goals or have to do without this month.

UPDATE: I met with my colleague who laughed at me and said, “Now it looks loved!” So it’s down to the library now.


3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Spending

  1. I definitely recommend asking your library to be lenient and waive the fees- definitely if this is a first offense. Librarians tend to be pretty understanding about this stuff, especially if it’s just water damage. I used to work at a library and was often the person deciding whether or not to charge someone. 9 out of 10 times, we let the issue go without applying any fees because it was something simple like a ripped page that could be taped or water damage. The main thing we looked for when deciding was just integrity. However, if people didn’t ask us to waive the fee, we were required to apply it. Worth a shot! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! That’s good to know. They gave me tips on when they would apply fees. I’m drying out the books now. It looks like I may not have to pay for one but they’re pretty strict with the ‘new’ books. The new one is pretty badly water logged so I’m not overly hopeful. I’m aiming to go in on a weeknight when I know they’re a little less busy and I’m hoping to get one on one time to see if they’ll be lenient.


      1. Gotcha! Well I’m glad it may end up being less cost than you anticipated. Do they accept item swaps? At the library where I worked, we would accept the swaps which ended up being much cheaper for the patron. They’d only have to spend $15 on the book that way, rather than the $20 (what we paid when the book was new) for the book + $15 for library binding and labeling fees. That may help cut down the expense, too. Though if they’re a super strict library, maybe not.. :/ It’s a solid plan to go when they’re not busy! Librarian moods affect EVERYTHING. LOL! 😀

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