January 2018: Week 1

Week one was a touch less successful in the details that I wanted but as I had over-budgeted for a couple of bills I came out $1 ahead!

I had set myself a budget of $10 for miscellaneous spending but ended up spending $20. The money went towards a strip of 5 bus tickets, of which I only used one, and a beverage for a colleague who had treated me prior to our holiday break. So I’m not feeling even a bit remorseful about it.

I’m also ecstatic that I kept my goal of staying out of the grocery this weekend. I spent some time considering my pantry this weekend and I’m going to use my lovely Costco membership to fill up on fruit and vegetables. The tough part is going to be keeping my eyes on the floor as I walk the length of the store to get to the good stuff.

I think knowing that I only want to spend $30 as the savings are going towards the kitchen will help me be much better behaved than I usually I am in the store.

How was your week?


3 thoughts on “January 2018: Week 1

  1. I had a win/fail week! At first things were running so smoothly. I reviewed my pantry and decided I only needed fresh ingredients- so I spent a total of $8.63 on groceries. The first half of the week went splendidly. Then I got sick. Like whammo mega sick, and I didn’t feel like cooking AT ALL. So I spent $25 on takeout over the course of several days. I mean, this is still less than I would have spent prior to my decision to do a spending freeze this month, but it still kills me that I failed so quickly on the first week.

    Anyway, you rock my world with your discipline. I hope to one day be the kind of successful budgeter that you are.. gah if only I weren’t so stinkin’ lazy!

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      1. I’m on the mend. 🙂 I’m glad it’s not just me! Sadly I must report that after another epic fail at trying to overcome laziness, I added another $10 to that total last night. Bad Rachel!! Today is a clean slate though. I’m determined to escape it without spending!!! Gah!

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