Planning ahead for a Frugal Month

Last January I decided to join the uber-frugal month challenge with limited success. This year I’m trying again and I’ve used one of my previous successful measures to guide my task.

Here’s how I’ve assigned my spending:

Week 1 December 30-January 7 Groceries 30
Misc (fancy Starbucks for a friend ) 10
Week 2 January 8-14 Groceries 50
Eating out 50
Gas 40
Bunny 40
Misc 10
Week 3 January 15-21 Groceries 50
Misc 10
Week 4 January 22-28 Groceries 50
Misc 10
Week 5 January 29-Feb 4 Groceries 50
Misc 10
January Total 410
Anticipated Savings 150

I suspect that I can be even more frugal in regards to groceries and misc. spending, however, I don’t want to make myself feel too pinched as that always backfires. The Eating Out cost is dinner with a girlfriend that we had arranged in December.

The kitchen is looking as though it will be $10,000 more than originally anticipated we’re working on increasing our savings a great deal. With this very concrete goal I suspect that it’s going to be much easier to stick to the uber frugal month than it has been previously.


6 thoughts on “Planning ahead for a Frugal Month

      1. Awww thanks! Are you debt snowballing like the Dave Ramsey method? I came across him by watching some American youtubers. We can’t follow the baby steps 100% in the UK because of differences in financial law/accounts etc. but I like paying off smallest to largest.


      2. We did use the snowball method. I haven’t followed Ramsey closely as I fell in love with Gail Vaz-Oxlade and her language and way of tginking better align with mine. We killed our consumer debt in 2016 that way. Now we’re trying to stay out of it or have ‘smart’ debt. For me this has meant making use of a no interest for 18 months store credit to cover some kitchen reno costs.That means the money we have saved will continue to accumulate interest for as long as possible. Anything not covered under the store credit is paid for immediately. After the renovation and subsequent party I’m turning my focus on accelerating our mortgage.

        Do you mind sharing what are the baby steps and how does UK law affect them?


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