Cooking already

I had worried that I would feel a bit overwhelmed with the idea of cooking things that require dicing rather than can opening. I  hadn’t expected it to set in so soon.

Luckily for me the Oslo meal exists. While I’m gung-ho about rationing, I do have items in the fridge and pantry that are more in line with black market cookery.  As the first rule of frugality is to not waste I’ve livened up my salad with chunks of Brie rather than a slight  grating of cheese.

I made a light dressing from equal parts oil and rice vinegar with a spoonful of dry  mustard.


It’s a surprisingly filling lunch and I’m glad that I found a salad cheat sheet to help me through my salad endeavors.


See the source image
build a salad by picking a base, adding extra greenery, a pop of colour, crunch, healthy extras, protein and a dressing


I suspect this is going to be my lunch for the next little bit as I purchased a large tub of salad greens.

I can’t do multiple salads per day so I’m going to use the lamb broth to make a vegetable stew.

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