2018 Word of the Year: Continue

Last year I discovered the concept of selecting a word of the year. I think I can still get more mileage out of the stretch but I also feel like each year deserves its own theme.

I don’t feel very prepared for 2018. Everything feels like a continuation with no truly new things on the horizon. I suppose I feel as though I’m at a stage where I can be great if I continue to do the work I started. When I use the word continue I don’t mean to purely keep doing what I was doing before. I think of it as improving upon foundations that have been set. This includes:

  • Keep attending singing lessons
  • Stay on track with my budget tools
  • Commit to my excercise program
  • Explore ways to get even closer to zero waste
  • Commit to more vegetarian meals
  • Keep up the decluttering efforts and being conscious of what we bring into our home

Do you have a word that encompasses 2017 or you would like to focus on in 2018?


3 thoughts on “2018 Word of the Year: Continue

  1. I think my word would be “healthy”- so seeing how I can apply that to each area of life in 2018- seeing what it means to eat healthier, have healthier relationships and boundaries, or have “healthier” (better) attitudes towards things/situations in life.

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