Leftover Magic

We hosted dinner for my family on Christmas Eve. It was a fantastic night made even better by the fact that my sibling and I split the preparation pretty evenly. I made the meat courses, was responsible for apps and the bar, while he took care of all the sides.

Even after we divided all the food, ML and I ended up with a significant amount of roasted lamb and baked ham left over. While this isn’t my leg of lamb it does look quite similar.

See the source image

I’ve had a couple days of ham sandwiches and we stripped the lamb of all useable slices but there’s still a lot. Not wanting any to waste I’m delving into the art of food makeovers. The rest of the lamb was stripped and minced so that I can make lamb shepherd’s pie in the new year. The bone is currently waiting for ML to come home with a borrowed soup pot so I can make lamb broth

The ham, which had a lot more meat on it, has given me slices that are in the fridge and 4 cups of cubed ham in the freezer. I divided them into 2 packages so that I can make a ham casserole with one and possibly a ham quiche with the other. The bone ended up in the freezer so I can make a ham bone soup in the New Year.

I feel like this is a great start for my uber-frugal month challenge. I just need ground provisions and vegetables from the grocery in order to make the three meals.

What do you make with your leftovers?

Photo from here


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