Cutting back

When I was a child, the weekend before Christmas we were highly encouraged to clean our rooms, tidy our toys and get rid of things. It was a way for my parents to make the post Christmas gift rush a little less chaotic on the family.

I didn’t realize how deeply the tradition is ingrained until I felt the urge to clean up this past weekend. I began the process of emptying the kitchen of things we won’t be needing in the near future. To my surprise most of it fit quite tidily in the room I’m currently using as a craft room. Next I tackled the back basement, which the crew will need to access. Once again things got out of the way easily.

While great, this also means that the basement and the craft room feel much fuller than they did before. This led to the urge to go back to my KonMari days. In a few short hours we had done the living room, spare bedroom and family room.

I’m hopeful that over the break I’ll be able to go through our basement to sort out what items have been kept simply because we have the space.

The thought of tackling ‘stuff’ always makes me a bit tired but it feels so exhilarating once it’s done and though most of it is in cupboards and drawers the house always feels lighter once I’m done.

Do you or your family have any cleaning traditions around this time of year?


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