It’s Happening: Kitchen

Since the day we purchased this house, 8 years ago this month, we’ve wanted to do the kitchen. I recently found notes from 2013 detailing my goals:

  • Immediate: be more active, play with each other/ spend quality time together, explore our home town and surrounding areas, start retirement savings
  • 5 years: kitchen renovation, backyard clean up, go back home with ML, go to the East Coast, take 1 beach vacation
  • 10 years: pay off our mortgage

2018 would make it 5 years since that list was written and we’re doing well!

I still need to force myself into activity though my levels seem to depend on my moods and the weather and as a couple we’ve done a good job of prioritizing our relationship. I joined my company’s pension plan and set up an additional fund to give myself piece of mind.

The only  outstanding items on my 5 year plan are to go the East Coast and to renovate our kitchen. I don’t think the East Coast trip is happening in 2018 but the kitchen reno definitely is!

We just signed all the paperwork and this dream will become a reality in March of 2018.

We’re over the moon excited about this and are still doing some pieces a bit at a time, for example we don’t have immediate intentions of purchasing all the appliances or painting.

While I’ve been planning for the logistics of life without a kitchen for some time, signing the paper work and getting a schedule made this exceptionally real. I spent some time over the weekend cleaning up our back basement where some work will occur, tidying the pantry that is in the basement and emptying the kitchen of ‘extras.’

I defined extras as anything that we won’t don’t anticipate using in the next few months. With this criteria, I emptied 3 cupboards and an entire bookcase. All the items are still easily accessible as they’re in Bunny’s room but it really drove home how much stuff we still have.

As our goal is to have everything fit in the new kitchen, ML and I are going to wait until the kitchen is in place before going through and streamline some of our kitchen gadgets, utensils and serving dishes.

Have you done a kitchen renovation? Do you have any tips to keep sane during that time?


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