Taking a Look Back II

Before I can share what our plan is for 2018, I want to delve a bit into the 2017 findings.

A few years ago I found the 50-30-20 rule and applied it to my budget planning. This week I took it a step further and plugged in my actual spending.

Aim 2017 Budget 2017 Actual
Essential 50% 33% 30%
Lifestyle 30% 30% 41%
Future 20% 37% 39%


My ultimate goal is to have the breakdown as 20-30-50. Something I was coming close to in my budget. As you can see that didn’t work as planned.

I’m definitely pleased with my essential spending! It’s good to know that in a world of rising costs I’m able to find deals that allow me to achieve my personal goal. Lifestyle…that includes fashion and eating out which we both know went crazy in 2017.

Future was interesting. I had anticipated being under the 207 budgets as I under-saved significantly over the year in a few areas so that I could afford essentials and lifestyle items. Looking back I realized I had increased savings in March to better meet other goals.

The end result is that I was over budget this year so I’m extremely grateful for having the foresight not to budget with my actual paycheque but to give myself a buffer. This buffer is what is allowing me to finish the year off in the black, as long as I behave in December.

After reviewing the 2017 spending I was able to see my pain points, identify areas that need improvement and recognize the difference between my anticipated and actual spending.

Tomorrow: Unveiling the 2048 Budget and the thoughts behind it.

How did you spending go in 2017?



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