Halfway There

I spent some quality time with my budget at lunch and made some interesting observations:

  • With good behaviour I can make a paycheque last almost an entire month.
  • Paying attention to my pantry allows for decent grocery savings in high stress months
  • Costco and I need to take a break

I’ve gone back to taking my paycheque out of my spending account and only transferring that money in when I need it. This has kept me more accountable as I’m seeing smaller numbers available for spending.

To be honest, I haven’t even been that good. I spent 3x my budgeted amount on gas and 129% more on miscellaneous expenses. The gas, has to do with me going to a conference out of town and hitting up the Costco gas bar when I go to do shopping. As ML hasn’t been around for most of these trips I’ve been paying for all the gas.

My dad had a surgery and I hadn’t even thought of the costs associated with it. While he had planned to pay for parking, meals, and non-prescription items I decided on the spur of the moment to not let him cover those costs. As it ties into my values I spent that money without any guilt.

This month I’m bound and determined to not end up in the red. As groceries tend to be an area we overspend ML and I took the time to really look in our cupboards to see what was needed. Our grocery bill so far has been Costco purchases to do Christmas baking/entertaining. All our meals have been made with items from the pantry or freezer.

Costco is awesome! I love it, this store’s layout is great and a trip never leaves me feeling like I need therapy. Well, maybe some budget therapy. In 14 days I’ve visited 4 times. We’ve been doing pretty well with our list, however, we aren’t really seeing a huge savings. For example, I needed a new frying pan. I was willing to spend up to $30 on a good quality frying pan. Enter Costco: I found a pack of 3 TFal pans for $28.99. Great deal! I purchased it but I don’t count that as a savings as I didn’t need 3 pans. I spent exactly what I had budgeted to get the item I wanted.

I’m using the same rationale when I figure that I didn’t ‘save’ money when I hit certain sales. If I purchased a lotion for $10 that is usually $20 purely because it’s on sale rather than because I know I’ll need that lotion at some point then I don’t think of it as saving $10. I just spent $10 over my usual because I couldn’t resist the ‘deal.’

I am going to have to track my Costco savings more consistently because while I’m getting great deals, I’m not sure how much I’m truly saving.

How’s your month going?

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