Gift Giving

My family is big into gift giving. It’s our short-hand to say, “I love you!”

Last night my mum called to chat about our upcoming anniversary. It was an interesting and strange conversation which included this beautiful acknowledgement:

“You and ML have reached a stage in your life that most people reach when they’re in their fifties. You’re very aware of what you’re bringing into your home and what you’ll use. “

She went on to share that knowing this, they didn’t want to get us something that we would feel obligated to keep but not enjoy.

By the end of the conversation, she asked that I let her know if there was something we would like that fit into the traditional or modern anniversary gift model. If not, my parents will be happy to give us a financial gift.

The offer of a financial gift is a huge move. My parents previously hated the idea of gift cards, much less, handing over money. They felt no thought or love went into the gift when you throw cash at people.

My sibling and I feel differently and slowly have managed to adjust their perception. So much so that all they’re asking for this Christmas is gift cards.

Knowing that my parents prefer to give gifts but that I didn’t want to ask for anything, ML came up with a compromise: a salad bowl.

The one we received at our wedding was recently chipped and I’m working my way to throwing it away. This would be a lovely, meaningful gift that will allow my parents to layer another memory into our lives.



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