November 2017: Week 1 Budget

It’s the first weekend of November and I’m re-starting a Sunday tradition!

Every time I return, I wonder why I stopped taking that 5-10 minutes to feel good. We’re 5 days in and I think we’re doing alright.

Looking at the week ahead my goals are:

  • Don’t spend money on food with the exception of 1 planned lunch out
  • Meal plan and only purchase groceries if there’s a need
  • Cook on Wednesday
  • Make a Christmas list and go to Costco on Friday

I’ve noticed that I’ve been using food poorly the last few weeks. I’ve been eating emotionally and giving in to cravings. While not all bad I want to spend this month focused on treating myself well. For me that means:

  • Keeping on top of my budget
  • Eating well and incorporating treats in moderation
  • Working out again
  • Allowing myself to work at my own pace

How’s your month going?



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