Meal Planning Check In

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I was really pleased with me for taking the time to find 11 recipes that I could make using my pantry items. Great idea but how did it go?

What we ate:

Loaded Baked Potato Casserole I adjusted this to suit my timeline.This took us from March 10 -12th

Mexican Rice Casserole  After a heavy chicken and potato dish we went for something loaded with our veggies. This took us from the 12th – 14th

 Pasta with Vienna Sausages This turned out surprisingly well since I crushed the rigatone. I added vegetables that I thought may not make it to this one.

One pan Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Cheese The broccoli had turned by the time I got to this dish but we did a good job using what we had.

 Lentil sloppy joes These were as good as we remembered!

Meal #6 Chicken Tacos  We mixed in some of the lentil sloppy joe with the chicken for a fuller taco.

Meals we didn’t end up making:

 Chana Masala and rice

 Roast chicken with potatoes (and later sweet & spicy sweet potatoes)

Roasted duck with red beans and rice

 Mexican Rice Casserole

 Tuna patties

Leg of lamb with roasted potatoes and bean salad


Eating Out

I’m guilty of eating out. I had eaten my lunch too early one day and got a second one, while another day I was the only one in the office who had brought lunch so we did a team lunch. My lunch became dinner that day.

ML had a craving which he fulfilled by purchasing fish cutlets from the grocery store and making our own filet o’fish sandwiches. His $8 was defintiely well spent!

We also invited some friends over, as I had canceled on them when I had my accident, but they don’t eat lamb or duck and we wanted something fancier than chicken. So we ended up making this great stuffed pork loin that not only fed our guests but kept us fed for an entire week.

Next Step

It was a great way to use what we had in the pantry and save money in the grocery but our pantry is looking quite bare.  We took our time last night and selected three meals and ML got our groceries for less than the anticipated $50.

I’m not sure when next I’ll indulge in a pantry clean out but it was definitely fun and informative.

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One thought on “Meal Planning Check In

  1. Just consider, food is one of the few items we shouldn’t sacrifice on when it comes to our budgets. Good quality nutrition is a vital component for GOOD QUALITY HEALTH. Most people say, “yeah, yeah, yeah” but don’t actually believe it until the cost of poor health (physical, financial and emotional) encroaches on their lives.

    I suggest sacrificing the “eating out” for quality time together enjoying other activities. If you are creative in nature, healthy eating can become enjoyable. If not, I suggest turning to alternative activities for enjoyment that healthy eating (as well as healthy living) allows us to experience.

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