To Costco we go

When we first got married, ML and I blindly followed the path of our parents and got our very own Costco membership.

While everyone around us extolled the virtues of Costco we found it wearing. Just getting into the warehouse was an experience: drive to the other town, try to avoid getting in an accident in the parking lot, circle parking lot four times because apparently indicators mean “I found a spot, you should take it!” Finally park, attempt to not get run over entering the store.

Once in, my rage is up so rude shoppers and staff members are now just the icing on an awful Saturday morning.

I also have no desire to wander the aisles. I want this mission over! Costco, however, has other plans. The cling wrap has moved to a magical place, the chips I wanted are sold out or possibly four aisles over above my low eye level.

To top it off, we never seemed to leave without spending $100.

In short, after that first year we only returned as guests of my parents. It’s been a while and a Costco recently opened close to my parents. ML has mentioned he’d like to try a membership again and slowly I’ve gotten on board.

This time we have rules:

  • No weekend shopping
  • We go in with a list
  • We must know grocery pricing to  properly assess savings
  • Maximum 2 convenience items per trip
  • We must track our savings, if we don’t truly save $100 it’s not worth it
  • Truly saving means that we’re purchasing necessities

I’m wary of Costco because to me it opens a world of possible spending. The urge to purchase things because they’re a good idea or inexpensive is huge.

Are you a Costco shopper? Any tips or tricks to keep our spending sane would be greatly appreciated!



8 thoughts on “To Costco we go

  1. As the sheeple around me wanted me to also be a Costco member after parking lots and really not getting that much of a deal since we don’t buy for an army….I was also unimpressed and was not one of these people who thinks its worth it…I do better budget shopping on my own…

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  2. I am a BJ member. I bring lists of items to purchase and stick to these lists. It reduces stress and miles of aimless walking. They also have their own gas station with good prices as well as a free air machine for car tires.

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  3. My Costco is 3 km from my house so it’s really convenient. I use it for fuel which saves me about 10 c per litre and I stock up on protein powders and health ‘superfoods.’ I can buy a 1.5 kg bag of cacao powder for $15 when 100 gs at the supermarket sets me back $8. We also purchase dog food there, it’s $60 for a 18kg bag when we were paying $160 for a 15kg bag. I had our vet check and he gave his approval of the Costco brand. I think what you save depends on what type of products you are purchasing. I do hate the crowds and will generally go early in the morning or just before closing and usually on a week day.

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    1. That’s awesome! We just came back and it turns out after work on a weekday is a great time. I just purchased two things and then popped into my pharmacy and the comparison is that I basically got both for half off.

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