Every so often, ML and I used to consider getting a second car. It’s been a while since we had the conversation since we were able to see how bad the cost would be for our goals.

This week was eye opening when we realized that we would be able to car share while managing two households at opposite ends of our city.

Though I must admit that the freedom of a second car has been thrilling! I can go home for lunch, leave work on time and not depend on ML for any of my activities.In fact we could live pretty separate lives.

This led me to another realization: 1 car is good for our relationship. Having a single vehicle means we carpool to and from work. This gives us a daily opportunity to have some relaxing or thoughtful time together.

It also means we need to chat about our schedules in a weekly basis. It didn’t truly click until I realized that this week I haven’t enquired about his events since I really don’t need to know. I wonder how many little details we share that we would never think to bring up if it weren’t for the car. I can guarantee ML would know a lot less about my job.

Which brings me to my final point: compromise. I talk a lot about how much I feel ML compromises because of my values. That’s a big thing! He’s embraced frugality , warmed up to composting, and even cut back on our electricity. But there are a lot of little things we do when we share a car. For example, we don’t always work the same schedule so we’ll figure out how to share the car so one person can go to work while the other runs errands or attends a separate event.

Who knew that having one vehicle could be good for our relationship?




One thought on “Cars

  1. Ernie

    My wife and I used to share a car before kids, and I completely agree – it was good for our relationship! Every work day we could count on connecting before work and after work. And, boy, did we save a lot of money by only having one vehicle! I think it’s great that you’re making decisions based on your long-term goals and not giving in to instant gratification. Keep it up!

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