Pantry Update

Yesterday I mentioned that I spent half my grocery budget. This was an extraordinary win since I did my groceries at lunch time and I hadn’t eaten yet.

I managed this because I had a ham bone in the freezer and the ingredients to sort of make a ham bone soup. I also had the ingredients for the mujadarrah that Laurelynne mentioned.

So why did I do groceries?

While I could have skipped the trip, I wanted to fill up on some sale items:

  • tinned tuna
  • Fries
  • Pasta sauce
  • Mushrooms (to be added to my eggs in the morning)
  • Tortillas (for my breakfasts)
  • Diced tomatoes

As I mentioned I went shopping hungry so I also purchased (on sale):

  • Vegetable lasagna (for the freezer)
  • Fish cutlets (used for a quick dinner while waiting for my ham bone soup to finish)

While I definitely didn’t stick with the Uber Frugal Month challenge of only purchasing what I’ll eat this week, the purchases will help off set later costs.

I’m fortunate that I have the space to store these items because shopping ahead, when I’m making sure to check dates and use my pantry items, definitely is cheaper than purchasing all my ingredients in one go.

This wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time this was us:

Image result for throwing away food

Now we do a weekly check of our fridge to catch anything that may be a little old and make sure we use whatever it is soon. I also do seasonal pantry checks. This means emptying out the cupboards to find what’s in there and may have been pushed to the back.

I did this a few weeks ago and was surprised by the amount of lentils we had! I also found a few items that were on my list to purchase that had been pushed around and were hiding.

Image from here


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