Pantry Challenge: Lentil Chili

With the excess of the holiday season over I’m craving food that is not baked or fried and contains a hefty dose of vegetables. As I’m also doing the Uber frugal month challenge I thought this would be good time to turn to my pantry to give myself a chance to focus once more on eating less meat and less processed foods.

It turned out we didn’t even need to visit the grocery this week!

I found 1.5 packages of lentils in my quest and decided to make this lentil chili. I even followed the recipe, mostly. I hadn’t purchased peppers and didn’t have stock in so I skipped those and substituted water for the broth.

In spite of this substitution, it’s a very tasty meal and will give us about 2 days worth of meals. It’s just the sort of hearty fare I need in January!


Do you have a favourite lentil dish? I still have a bag left!


9 thoughts on “Pantry Challenge: Lentil Chili

  1. lauralynne

    I’m making lentil soup this week, too! Not a chili, though. It’s a new recipe (to me) as one of my resolutions is to make better use of my cookbooks. My favorite thing to make with lentils is mujadarrah, which is pretty much just lentils cooked with rice and then caramelized onions stirred in. Some recipes call for additional seasoning, but I like this simple version the best.


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