Planning My 2017 Finances

Past me is awesome! Last year I created this planning post and it was a fantastic way to check in with myself and ensure I was budgeting appropriately. This list will include items that I’m also saving for as it will serve as a reminder as to why I’m using them.

Here’s the list of anticipated expenses:

  • January: conference items that may be needed; dinner date with a friend
  • February: Birthday gift and dinner with a friend; purchase wine tour tickets and play tickets
  • March: my birthday month was pretty expensive due to eating out last year, Renew my license sticker and have a diagnostic test on the car
  • April: Ticket for annual lunch event goes on sale, new light fixtures
  • May: Road trip to see a friend, gift for family member, wine tour, fix the driveway
  • June: wine tour, crazy work week (eating out, fashion costs)
  • July: house insurance due, gifts for family members
  • August: road trips to see friends, wine tour, wedding gift and shopping for friends
  • September:  wedding gift and shopping for friends
  • October: Crazy work week II (eating out, fashion costs)
  • November: tickets for shows

Last year I gave myself a ‘raise’ when I paid off my debt and put all of that towards saving. This year I gave myself a ‘raise’ to accommodate my singing lessons and just reworked my budget to accommodate my savings goals. I’m feeling pretty confident that 2017 is goign to continue to build on the success of the previous year.

Do you have any expenses that you’re aware of now?




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