Boxing Day Sales

So I just posted that I got lovely presents and didn’t need anything yet I found myself joining the hoards.

I went out this afternoon when most things were pretty picked over in the hope that it’ll be less busy and that a lot of the goodies would be gone so I wouldn’t be tempted to purchase things we don’t need.

My plan was to get:

  • Christmas gift for a friend
  • Birthday gift for a friend
  • A few items for the gift closet

I did exactly this and my extras are things I feel good about:

  • mini nail polish pack (I have dumped most of mine as they’re old)
  • Hair ornament pack ( so needed and so inexpensive)
  • Dashboard camera for ML (he’s been chatting about this for some time)

Not only did I get these but I stayed below my budget. In fact I was below budget but I used my points card so I ended up only spending half the cash I had planned.

Did you indulge in Boxing Day sales?

4 thoughts on “Boxing Day Sales

  1. lauralynne

    We went out yesterday but didn’t do too much shopping. We did pick up some reading glasses for my husband, who was in desperate need of a replacement pair. Right now I am so focused on de-accumulating that bringing stuff into my home is just not what I want to do. It’s so nice, though, to feel like you’ve really made wise purchases and reflect your needs and wants, not just the whims and fancies of the time, place and price. It’s awesome that you were able to do that! 🙂

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  2. We always shop the Boxing Day sales for new linens. It’s our annual ritual to get rid of all our ragged and holey towels, sheets, and so forth at the end of December and replace them with sale finds. This year we only needed new napkins and kitchen towels. We spent $7.

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