One more Down!!


We did it! We just paid off ML’s credit card!

I’ll admit to some minor cheating here: I was desperate to start 2017 as a consumer debt free household but with my overspending way back in June I was an entire payment short of what I had promised to help ML.

Being an easy going soul he didn’t mind but it turned out I did. We were so close! In fact we were just that payment short of stamping out the credit card debt so I pulled money from my Sky is falling account and put it toward that.

This means that he has 1 student loan left and his final budgeted payment will wipe it out in January!

Thank you so much for all your support, tips and ideas! This is the best Christmas gift we could have and we’re thrilled beyond belief to be starting 2017 consumer debt free!



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8 thoughts on “One more Down!!

  1. Hey! Found you via your ‘likes’ on my blog. Thanks for those 🙂 I wonder if we know each other from other spheres? In any case, a hearty CONGRATS on pulling this off. How fantastic to be starting the year with a clean slate! I’m very happy for you!!!


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