Gilmore Girls Day

I came of age during the Gilmore Girls hey day. I wanted to be like Rory, in fact I was already a lot like Rory, minus the gorgeous boy and fantastic mother-daughter relationship. So when I found out there was going to be a revival a friend and I  immediately went into planning mode.

We planned a girl day with loads of junk food. As you know,  I can be a Pinterest addict. A search brought up a host of ideas some were time consuming ( homemade pop tarts) while others were costly ( specialty glassware). I had great intentions about making treats for us based on the show but in the end I did a grocery run.

As a way to keep myself in check I budgeted $10 for treats. It worked, sort of…I went shopping the day of too good a sale.


We had an awesome party and would have definitely made Lorelai proud!


While I learnt I can make $10 go very far in the junk food aisle the food hangover reminded me exactly why I shouldn’t.


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