Everything’s Going My Way

Well fingers crossed.

The last time I felt this settled and optimistic was 4 years ago. It feels like a lifetime.

I remember looking around my world and feeling so grateful for everything. I was on track for my ideal life. Within a year it felt like it had all fallen down around me. It took  me nearly three years to even begin to understand what a different type of life could look like.

Why am I feeling elated?

  • We’ve been making good environmental choices
    • Eating less meat, using a programmable thermostat, cutting down on our waste
  • We’re organized
    • Like I get up at 6, have tea with Bunny, make us a healthy breakfast and get to work on time organized! It’s crazy and I’m loving being that woman.
    • In spite of our crazy schedules ML and I have managed to feed ourselves real food vs. foodstuff fairly consistently and keep our house in shape so we’re comfortable if someone wants to pop by
  • We’re doing things we love
    • ML is working on a passion project and I’m sitting on a host of committees that make me feel good. I’m also beginning to realize a childhood dream.
    • I’m also taking part in Nanowrimo which has been a dream for quite some time
  • I’m this fantastic creature that I hoped but never dreamed I could be:
    • a blogger
    • a consistent cook
    • purposely embracing healthy eating (I made my own granola!)
    • have a good relationship with my family
    • in a job I like with people I adore
    • I freeze food and actually use it

Basically I’ve become That Woman or my version of her.

Down side: I’m exhausted. I keep putting pressure on myself to not only keep it up but exceed. Sure my home is tidy but is it clean, can you eat off my floors? Well no but really you shouldn’t be eating off floors to begin with.

So my lessons are:

  • As long as being this person is fun keep doing it
  • Small steps have been the key to my success! I need to keep this in mind and forgive myself if I don’t move as quickly as I want
  • When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes (yep quoting Ed Sheeran), I need to love myself and recognize that I’m always doing the best I can.

What advice would you give yourself for tough times?

14 thoughts on “Everything’s Going My Way

  1. Sounds like you’ve learned that “quality” life requires diversity and BALANCE. I like the concept of “small steps.” Over time, they synergistically amount to MAJOR positive changes that (most importantly) become MAINTAINABLE for the LONG TERM. In time, you will learn to approach life with the fervor required to maximize results rather than pursuing every task with 300% effort. You will learn to APPRECIATE yourself and your efforts even more than you already do which will bring a daily smile to your face. You have accomplished so much as I’ve followed your blog and combated the obstacles along the way without ever returning to past patterns of behavior that were detrimental. Although I’m NOT hip, I believe the appropriate expression for all your success is “YOU GO GIRL!!” 🙂

    Now go enjoy a magnificent week!!!

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    1. I’m definitely getting there! I love your phrasing, especially the lesson that not every task requires 300% effort.
      Your comment has left me with a great grin and feeling pretty powerful. I hope you’re having a fantastic week!

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  2. These accomplishments are all wonderful and you truly have come a long way, although I’m a bit of a late comer to your blog. I have even seen changes in you in the short time I’ve been following your posts. I agree with Doctor Jonathan that a quality life requires balance. Part of that balance is that you also need to slow down, relax, and REST. It may seem counter intuitive, but please take at least one day a week where you DO NOT WORK but just do things to revive yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. I think you will find that your productivity will actually improve because you are taking the time to destress.

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    1. Last month I began taking ‘vacations from my life.’ It was generally a Saturday where I only did things that made me happy. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I was yet I still did things.
      You’re definitely right, in that I need to build in those mini vacations into my world so I can achieve a balance.
      Thanks so much for not only reading but sharing such insightful comments 🙂

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  3. For tough times I always think it’s important to simplify, and not be scared to do so. Enjoy simplistic meals like plain rice with a few veggies, use a touch less oil or other more expensive products when you cook – and make it fun!

    I always pretend I’m on an episode of ‘ready steady cook’ when times are tough money wise and I’m always so impressed with the extravagant meals I can create with what’s already lying around in the cupboard and freezer!

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