Do you have a crazy dream that you’ve kept in spite of not doing a thing to achieve it?

For me it’s always been being a lead singer.

Image result for selena quintanilla singing
Selena Quintanilla was my inspiration

In my teens I was involved in the school’s choir and my parents paid for lessons until my stage fright had me abandoning it.

In spite of not doing anything about this this little dream has me doing YouTube karaoke, pretending I’m on stage when putting on make up, and dancing around my living room.

Last month I found a school in town that teaches adults in a band setting. For $250/month I get to be in a band!

I’ll even be performing in front of crowds twice a year. Considering all my goals I wondered if this would be the best use of funds. How does joining a band and relearning to sing align with everything?

Remarkably well! I’ll be hitting the first 2 points of the things that I felt would make my life feel meaningful. For us the whole point of saving is to make our dreams come true. Pursuing this may mean that it takes me longer to save my 6 month buffer or we adjust our vacation goals. It does mean that I can get to make 2 dreams come true:

  1. Being a singer
  2. Having the money to pursue my dreams

While honouring myself.

What childhood dream would you revisit if you could?



10 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. rachallene

    I’m proud of you for pursuing your dreams- that’s awesome!

    A dream I had as a youngling was to be a published writer. I wrote so many books as a kid and it’s something I still want to do as an adult (it feels weird to call my 22-year-young self and adult).. I just need to find the drive within, as you have. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! It’s hard – I went to the first lesson last night and I already want to quit because I’m not perfect. Which of course is the whole point of the lessons. I find paying for it helps.

      With writing, my drive is ebbing and flowing. Have you checked out any of the nanowrimo write ins? I’ve only done the online ones so far but they’ve been helpful and interesting.

      I love your blog! I wonder if you can turn it into a book sort of like Julie & Julia 🙂

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      1. rachallene

        Paying would definitely keep me on the straight and narrow. I was planning on going back to school this year with a minor in creative writing but had an issue come up that prevented it. I will one day hop back on that train though.

        I haven’t done any of the write-ins yet, but I’d like to soon. I’ve been really sick for well over a month and my drive for life is just non-existent right now.

        Thank you for the compliment!! I’m so glad to be writing about my journey- it does help keep me on the straight and narrow.. even if I DO fall of the bandwagon continuously. That would be really cool if it did become a Julie & Julia kind of thing!!

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