It lives!

The repair company came and though we had misdiagnosed the washer the problem was a fairly inexpensive fix.

ML and I had agreed to spend no more than $400 on washer repair it came in at about half of that. That’s definitely going in the win column!

We also got them to look at the stove. Turns out it’s the original stove so fixing the oven will cost about $700. We’re just going to leave that alone.

Learning this made me want to use our toaster oven. the problem is that I still haven’t purchased toaster oven pans for it.

Go back and read that sentence. Yep, still enough of a spendthrift to fall for the hype that I need special pans. Now that I’ve decided I want to use the thing I got down to business and wen through my current pans. I’ve got at least 4 that work in the toaster oven!

I’ve got a round cake tin, 2 loaf tins and a heart shaped cake pan. I’m ‘missing’ a cookie sheet and muffin tin. While I could definitely benefit from the cookie sheet I’m going to hold off purchasing anything and see how it goes.

So far I made one meal in the oven and I’m pretty pleased!

Do you have any recipes for toaster ovens or tips for baking in them?


6 thoughts on “It lives!

  1. I like the concept because it helps people prepare smaller quantities of food. It also requires a little creative thinking which stimulates those wonderful neurons in the brain so many of us allow to die from boredom! Good luck with the new approach to cooking.

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  2. I have a toaster over and I find that the rectangle cookie sheets can be bent ever so slightly to fit in there to cook. You can cook almost anything in there. I find it just takes a bit more time. Best of luck to you!

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