Christmas is Coming

I’m always baffled and in awe of those folks who manage to send out Christmas cards never mind personalized ones. Having cards arrive at my home prior to December 25th generally means that I think you’ve got your stuff together.

Getting pictures taken, having them printed and still sending them out in early December means that I’m pretty certain you’re rocking life. So yesterday I pitched doing Bunny  Christmas cards to ML. His only question was, “Does Bunny have room in her fund?”

To which I responded,” She can find room!”

Bunny, though often willing to be model wasn’t feeling very co-operative last night. I’ve got a lot of photos of her knocking down Christmas cards or doing something impossibly cute with something not great in the background. In the end we got two usable shots.

I then spent some quality time on VistaPrint where I discovered a whole set of themes devoted to pets! We decided to do two types of cards and got a total of 20 cards for a little over $20.

Which of course had me wondering, “How can I claim frugality and spend this much mney on Christmas cards?” I’m the queen of boxes of cards for $5. In fact, I’m still working through a box from 2 Christmases ago. However, this blog is about Loving Life on a Budget and these cards are that.

Purchasing, and distributing, these cards help make me feel like I’ve got my act together. It functions as one of those little internal markers, like paying off debt, that lets me know that I’m becoming the type of adult that I admire.

On the frugal side: when I told ML that Bunny had room I wasn’t kidding, we made a wise food choice for her last month which means that she had a bit of space to afford the Christmas cards.


2 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming

  1. rachallene

    I’m living in my own apartment this year (woot- I finally grew up!!) and doing my best to be extremely frugal with my lifestyle.. but I really, really wanted to decorate for Christmas season. Since I’m just starting out, I’d have to buy the decor. I was feeling so guilty for this desire, but your post has helped. I want to love my life on a budget. I’ve been really good about spending, so I’ll reward myself with $30, a trip to the Dollar Store and Christmas decor. 🙂

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