I’ve been stretched thin at work. Uncomfortablely consumed by my job and unfortunately this means that my mental health and relationships are the first to suffer. ML has taken the brunt of this as I vent to him and get upset if he’s not doing “enough.”

this is ridiculous as he works hard and often my complaints are minor but take on huge implications because I’m at the end of my patience.  Forgetting to make a side dish that is pure extra gets turned into a a case for martyrdom.

last week I had instituted gratitude lists as part of my morning routine. Thanks Fabulous Frugality for the reminder! I thought I saw a difference in my behaviour but it was confirmed this weekend. I didn’t do a gratitude list and somehow things got blown up in my mind.

my list is a quick mind map of everything I’m grateful for in these categories: Bunny, ML, family and friends, work, and me. It starts the day with the right attitude and tends to help me from flying off the handle  in moments of stress.

Hopefully our week is off to a great start!




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