Garbage Audit

Garbage bags
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One of the things that the challenge group suggested was that you audit your garbage. As I’ve been good at composting I wasn’t concerned about looking into what I was throwing away. So here’s the result of my audit:

  • Foil wrapping from cream cheese
  • disposable makeup remover wipes
  • plastic ham wrapping
  • plastic crab wrap
  • fast food foil wrapping
  • toothpaste tube
  • plastic toy
  • vacuumed dust
  • Bunny’s litter

the last two went in the same bag and should have been composted but I’m still a bit wary as I’ve been burned by the compost program before when they didn’t pick up Bunny’s litter. I downloaded My Waste, an app, that allows you to see what can be recycled or composted in your area. It’s been quite educational!

I’m finding this process eye opening as I realize how much garbage we produce. Our switch to a frugal lifestyle has definitely helped in the sense that we buy less packaged foods but when we do indulge we tend to do it in a big way. There are four packages of fries in my freezer and pizza. All those are wrapped in plastic.

Some of the suggestions for zero waste are in direct opposition to my current  budget. I can’t justify purchasing special toothbrushes, replacing all my Tupperware with glass, and purchasing special grocery bags. This is where I have to remind myself that it’s all about baby steps.

Step one is awareness and I’m working on that. This weekend when grocery shopping, I scrutinized every purchase to ensure it met the budget and assessed its packaging. In the end the only packaged food I purchased was meat.

I’m hoping that slowly I’ll incorporate some of the more “expensive” items that are good for the environment. The plan is to do it slowly so my budget doesn’t take a hit but I achieve my goal of being good to the environment.

Do you find being frugal impacts your garbage output?


8 thoughts on “Garbage Audit

    1. Thanks! I’m always tempted to go full tilt and then I overwhelm myself :). I cheated as I didn’t do the audit straight away. I waited until I felt I had an understanding of my outflow but it was still great. I’m starting again tonight to check on next week.

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    1. We finally kicked the habit as our biggest user was Bunny :). Though it’s interesting because in my area the plastic it comes in is the only waste. We’ve got a city composting program that all paper towel waste can go in as long as you’re not mopping up something that can’t be composted.
      Bea Johnson’s view and mine vastly different right now! I think I’m going to do a post on how I see it happening in my life.

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