Fun With Meals

This weekend has been filled with family and food! It’s been fantastic for many reasons, one of which is that I kept to my grocery budget. I was even able to include alcohol in that budget line!

As we’ve got so much food and I’m determined not to waste ML and I sat down and mapped out our meals for the week. We’ve both got after work commitments that will provide us with dinner a few times so we’ve planned accordingly.

I’m so glad we did! Originally I had created this list:




I’m so glad we chatted since the actual menu looks very different :

image.jpgThat’s a huge difference!

Some of the items in my first list will go into informing next week’s  menu but some of the ingredients will be frozen. The savoury pumpkin pie is only on the list as I had opened a tin of pumpkin purée. As it won’t get eaten this week I’ve packaged the purée and frozen it in 1 cup portions for the next time I need it.

How is your meal planning coming?


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