Emergency Savings Win

As you know having a sizeable emergency fund in case of job loss is important to me. It wasn’t so long ago that I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was using the previous paycheque to fund my current fortnight. I have left the money alone as I’m really not sure how I managed to save it. While letting that magic growth happen, I’ve also been actively putting a bit of money into an emergency fund. Today I realized that the money in my emergency fund is the exact amount as one of my paycheques and I realized that my chequing account has a bit more than a paycheque in it.

In order to really allocate all this to my emergency fund. I transferred the amount that would be a full paycheque from my checking account into my higher interest emergency savings account.

This means that I’ve got one month of pay saved!

excited boy meets world freaking out cory matthews shawn hunter

My aim is to have a six month buffer in place over time that will give ML and I the freedom to not be completely stressed if one of us loses our job. I feel comfortable slowly working to this buffer as if I was let go I would have a host of options availalbe to me.



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