Garbage Day

I only began attempting to cut my garbage down at the end of last week so I’m pleased with my progress. I was really exhausted last night so by the time I got home I didn’t even do the garbage. Rather ML took care of all the garbage, recycling and composting.

I do know that we only put out 2 grocery store bags of garbage. This is a huge deal though as we usually put out 2 full sized garbage bags. The big culprits were styrofoam in the form of a takeout container and a meat tray.

This week I’m making a trash plan. These are the items I expect to be tossing:

  • Bunny’s litter
  • plastic wrap from ham
  • plastic wrap from crab
  • Shattered jar (one of my frozen broth jars broke)
  • Misc. food wrappers i.e. granola bar, pasta bag

Having this mason jar goal is really helping me keep an eye on my trash. If my anticipated trash is accurate I’ll be able to cut it down to one bag next week.

As the compost bin was emptied properly I’ll take a look at my budget and see if it can handle compostable bags for Bunny’s litter.

Im really excited to be making great strides in this goal!


9 thoughts on “Garbage Day

      1. Thank you! You have taught me something! I have checked this out and it turns out that our town is on the app! It appears that parts of it are under construction, but other parts are already functioning! I have let the rest of the staff at FCPL know about this!

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  1. Nice. Congratulations on good progress. We just started using compostable bags. They’re a bit pricier, but not bad on Amazon. You probably won’t use so many for your bunny. Best of luck.

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