Then the Noise Stopped

I’m a bit ashamed to write this but it was a learning experience so I feel I should.

When we purchased this house it came with four appliances that were supposedly on their last legs, however, we’ve only replaced one. This was because we found ways to work with the others.

Then the washer started making an awful noise. I couldn’t quite figure it out but we agreed to keep in mind a replacement washer cost. Here’s where I should have started looking for a repair person.

Then it began to leak a bit. Huge warning sign! But I so desperately wanted a new washer I ignored it.

Finally, last night, the rattling ended. With a small load of laundry swimming in suds. Now to buy a new one!

We found a great deal but I was curious as to what killed the washer. Armed with loads of symptoms it looks like the pump had been slowly dying. That’s when I took the step I should have taken months ago and contacted a repair company.

Knowing the cost of a new machine we’re willing to spend at least a quarter of that on a diagnostic visit and new pump.

While I did find a tutorial on how to replace the pump myself I have limited information about the machine. For me it makes sense to pay a professional to come in and do the job correctly rather than ML and I experimenting.

It’s funny that though I’ve grown so much in the last bit I still have some spendthrift habits/ thought processes that can undermine our good work. My desire for a new washer led me to neglect the current one.

Here’s to hoping the repair company is able to pull through!


3 thoughts on “Then the Noise Stopped

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