Planning October, 2016


October always is a bit scary. It tends to be a month of expenses and as December draws closer I attempt to try to balance my budget with my desire to start purchasing presents. Last October I got quite ill and between that and a few other bits I ended overspending by 15%. The goal this October is to stick to the budget. So I have a plan:

Week 1:

  • I’ve got my usual suspects listed: groceries, monthly bills (which I’m not overpaying this time!), and gas
  • I’ve pushed a few people who wanted to get together in September for this week for a host of reasons. Some had to do with the timing but a bit to do with my budget. I’ve budgeted our outings.


  • 3 dinners! I’ll be bringing at least one dish to each of those so I’ve padded my grocery budget a bit to include ingredients
  • I’m currently scheduled to go to an event that week so I’ve budgeted play money for it. I’ve requested a refund as ML is no longer available and as much as the event would be fun I’m equally looking forward to an evening watching Once Upon A Time at home.

Week 3:

  • This is a dry week. My plan is not plan additional things here so I’ll just pay the usual things.

Week 4:

  • Showtime! This is the week my job takes over my life. So I’ve budgeted for shoes and a mini salon trip to help me feel good. I haven’t done a great job of being realistic with this line so I’m hoping it works for me. If not, I may dip into my fun fund here.

Week 5:

  • Halloween: we’re not hosting a party this year so the only cost should be candy.


My monthly budget is a zero budget but I did give myself a bit of wiggle room in my weekly budget. I’m hoping that this will give me a bit of flexibility if I go over in a category or have an unexpected expense.


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