Taking a sick day 

I’ve got that tickle in my throat, the clogged feeling in my ears, and general drowsiness that heralds a cold.

Long nights, lack of exercise, and stress can definitely take a bit of blame for me starting October this way. The biggest culprit has been me not listening to my body. I haven’t given myself the boundaries I need to ward off illness completely. So today, I’m giving myself a sick day.

The nice thing about working outside the home is a sick day clearly means you don’t have to do your normal routine. Those 9hours I spend outside my home are now geared toward resting. Taking a sick day in a weekend is harder for me.

Weekend are usually my time to prepare and I had plans for this one! So I have given myself a new plan for today :

  • No chores
  • No budgeting 
  • Loads of tea
  • No junk food 
  • Lots of time in bed 
  • No going outside 
  • No accepting invitations

I’m hoping that giving myself the space to be ill that I’ll get over it more quickly and feel better about myself.

ML’s away this weekend and I don’t want him coming back to a mess or having to play catch up to help prepare us both for Monday. So here’s my Sunday plans:

  • Budget for October 
  • Laundry 
  • Tidy the main living areas
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Plan clothing for next week 

That list isn’t overwhelming and reminds me that taking time out to get better isn’t a waste of time.

Hope you’re healthy!


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