Grocery Planning


I enjoy doing groceries weekly. It’s a system that works for me. It begins with opening an app on my phone on Saturday mornings as I have tea with Bunny. I then click anything I like the look of from my favourite stores.

Once the first part is done I look through to see what I can cut and get rid of any extras that were just pretty. I also look at what I have on hand to make meals. The reason meal planning comes last is because I enjoy purchasing a few extra things for the pantry that way when I have weeks I can’t make it to the store for one reason or the other I’m not suffering.

As I’m  a sale shopper it’s also important to me that I never pay full price for things with a long shelf life. So while I may not need pasta this week you can bet that the $0.99 package is going in my cart.

I’m definitely fortunate as I:

  • Can freeze items such as sale meat and fresh produce
  • Have the budget to purchase a bit extra to fill the pantry. The pasta, tuna, corned beef and rice mentioned below were all purchased on sale.
  • Have pantry space

Then of course a months like this one. A month where I’ve tied myself up and I’ve got $30 for 2 weeks worth of groceries though I had planned to have ~$100. In those cases I comb the pantry, shop the flyers for needs, and pull out my favourite recipes. Most importantly I make lists, the detailed lists that I usually don’t bother with because I know I’ll have options.


Here’s the list for the next 2 weeks:

So what did my groceries look like this week:

  • Granola bars
  • Pasta
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Taco Kit
  • Milk*

*not on sale

To be fair, I should probably have skipped the coffee as ML has enough to last until the end of the month but it’s that not wanting to pay full price that got me. This size doesn’t go on sale too often so saving $5 made it worth the extra dig in my finances. Same goes for the taco kit.

Why am I sharing this? Well most of my blogging is for both of us. For me to remember that I can love my life on a budget and to share that having a little money left until the new budget doesn’t mean that you’re eating things that don’t taste fantastic.

Do you have any favourite meals that you are tasty and inexpensive?


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