Playing Catch Up

I seem to get myself in tight corners these days by overpaying bills.  My year of paying down my debt has taught me a few tricks to help when it looks like I have too much month at the end of my money.

I had laid out a rough plan but I had no details just a dream of spending $50 until the rest of the month. The look through my wallet brought that up to a maximum of $80. Here’s how it’s working so far:

Bunny: $30; the store only had her large bag of litter so she was a bit higher than anticipated.

Groceries: $28; this is with a detailed meal plan in place.

Entertainment: $20 – my alma mater’s homecoming is this weekend and though I purchased tickets lunch was not included.

Anything else is not in the budget! It’s helpful to see this laid out because it’s so easy when it looks like I’ll be over budget already to spend just a few extra dollars here and there.


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