Shopping my Closet

The weather is slowly changing here and so office talk turned to the seasonal wardrobe change.  This led to the best shops to  visit for a refresh.

Usually I would do my change over but try to identify gaps so I could purchase items. This time I brought all my learning together. Between now and October 5th I barely get a chance to breathe. I average one significant work event every 2 days.

So I emptied all my clothes and only grabbed the thingsthat gave me an immediate thrill (KonMarie). I then planned what I would wear every day between now and the beginning of October. I tried on the outcits, wrote a list and packed away the clothing in order.

I tried to keep to the Project 33 spirit:

16 tops

9 tank tops

6 pants

1 skirt

1 dress

1 jacket

While Project 33 is supposed to incorporate all clothing worn outside of home I opted to keep it to my work wardrobe. I haven’t counted my off hours clothing but since it’s only taking up 2 of the 4 drawers I’m feeling good.

The surprise for me was that I had no desire to go shopping once I completed the activity.

I’ve found by switching my clothing regularly I spend less on clothes while weeding out things that don’t suit. Currently it appears I shop my closet every 2 months.

I’m happy with this change as it has given me a greater appreciation of what I own while being easy on my budget.

What tricks do you use to keep your clothing budget on check?


5 thoughts on “Shopping my Closet

  1. natasja_alexander

    I make sure to always do my laundry before it piles up. That way everything that is in my closet is available and clean to wear. Having it all in the closet at one time makes it easier to see and easier to grab and not forget that you have it. I don’t put much in drawers because it’s easy to forget what have if you only grab what’s on top which is what I tend to do.

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  2. Brilliant! I thought I had ran out of socks – both work socks and casual athletic socks. I decided to do my laundry, reorganize the sock drawer, and I came up with 30+ pairs of socks. I also threw some away that were fading and tearing. I’ll do the sock drawer more consistenly

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